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Join us and change your life forever!

Join Nicole Bigelow and several instructors who will teach you years worth of research, tools, and techniques that you need in order to shatter the effects of narcissistic abuse in a matter of weeks and change your  life forever!


Sign up and save your spot today! Limited seats available for this semester.

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Why should I join?

  • This program is designed to support you, encourage you, teach you, and help you bolster up the courage and fortitude you need to make lasting changes that will promote the life you really want, instead of the life you may feel like you just inherited from your family.

  • We adopt bad beliefs, relationship patterns, and habits that hinder us and keep us feeling stuck in situations we want out of. 

  • Leverage years of research and life experience of those who have successfully overcome narcissistic abuse,  plug these behaviors into your own life, and get the results you want. 

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School of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Exclusive coaching membership to accelerate, encourage, and support your recovery journey.

Are you ready to clearly identify what narcissistic abuse is?

are you ready to learn how to create strong boundaries and standards of accountability for those who are allowed to get close to you?

Are you ready to learn how to develop the courage you need to stand up to your perpetrator and stay "no" once and for all?

Do you need to know how to break and understand the trauma bond personally with a live coach who can hold your hand and develop and plan curated specifically for you?

Are you tired of taking your narcissist back over and over again, losing more and more of your self confidence every time the promises he/she makes never come to fruition?




  • Week one: Trauma Bond Detox

  • Week two: Radical Acceptance- Wait I still Love him/her

  • Week three: Self Love, Confidence, and Learning to trust yourself again

  • Week four: How to employ no contact and/or Grey Rock

  • Week five: Is she/he coming back? if so, how do I handle it? (Hoovering)

  • Week six: Self Esteem and Courage

  • Week seven: How do I learn to move forward when I still love him/her?

  • Week eight: What about the kids or our plans for the future?

  • Week nine: What do I do now?

  • Week ten: reconnecting back to my body and trusting my gut

  • Week eleven: Building boundaries that serve me

  • Week twelve: building my future without abuse and preparing for a healthy relationship

Support Group

Included in the membership

  • Live Weekly Class On Zoom

  • VIP Access To Private Support Group With Classmates

  • Tools and Worksheets To Aid In Personal Recovery 

  • Unlimited access to support Groups

  • Unlimited access to all drop in classes 

       Only $97 a month-                   Limited Time Offer